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 It is very important to land on your feet as soon as possible whenever entering a new city, especially when you are running away from the last one. Equally important was landing as close to the top as possible.

Fortunately, I had advantages. I was a mage and I was a dragon.

I landed in the court of an ifrit Sultan and quickly convinced him I could be a valuable ally. Of course, i then had to prove myself and so he sent me to negotiate the marriage of his daughter to a jarl of the eldjötnar. I had been worried this was a set up or at least would be a troubled negotiation but both parties seemed to want the marriage.

Except no one had asked the bride and groom to be.

The bride, and her brother, approached me privately and negotiated a bit of an addendum to the treaty. It turns out the bride was more interested in learning and exploring the planes while the brother and the groom were interested in each other. I was reluctant to piss off either parent, but the daughter, Fatima, was a shrewd negotiator and so convinced me.

All turned out well and now I was the proud owner of a celestial sailing vessel and a map which showed many of the naturally occurring dimensional vortices. I even had my first crew member, Fatima.

Where I would go next, I did not know. But first, I think I'd best take the time to meet my vessel, which I had decided to call the Wind Gem in honor of my grand father.


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